Parent Page / Classroom Schedule

In my strive to lead all of my students to a healthier and more active life, I realize that parental involvement is of the utmost importance. I ask all of the parents to encourage their students in any way that they see the student acting on being healthier. Here you will find a brief calendar of how the year is planned to progress, as well as different assignments and even some homework and extra credit opportunities.

7th grade gym class meets three times a week (Monday - Wednesday - Friday)

Aug. 17       M         Introduction

       19       W        Skill Demo/ fun day : )

       21       F         Basketball

       24       M       Basketball

       26       W       Basketball Fitness Day

       28       F         Basketball Game Day

       31       M       Basketball

Sept. 2       W      Basketball Fitness Day

        4        F         Basketball Game Day

        7       M        Soccer Intro

        9       W        Soccer Fitness Day

       11       F        Soccer

       14      M        Soccer

       16      W        Soccer Fitness Day 

       18      F          Soccer Game/ Fun day

       21      M        Kickball Intro

       23      W        Kickball Fitness Day

       25      F          Kickball world tour

       28      M        Kickball World Tour

       30      W        Kickball Fitness Day

Oct.  2       F         Kickball World Tour World Series ( Journal #1 Due )

        5       M        Capture The Flag Intro Day

        7       W        Capture the Flag Fitness Day

        9       F          Capture the Flag

       12      M        Capture The Flag Fun Day

       14      W        Fitness Day (Mile Run)

       16      F           Free Day

       19 - 23           Fall Break

       26     M          Volleyball Intro Day

       28     W         Fitness Day (mile run)

      30      F           Volleyball Game Day

Nov. 2      M         Volleyball Game Day ( Journal #2 due )

       4      W          Volleyball Fitness Day (drills)

       6      F            Volleyball Game Day

       9     M           Badmitton Intro Day

      11     W          Fitness day (indoor, small court soccer)

      13     F           Badmitton Skills and Drills

      16     M         Badmitton Game Day

      18     W         Fitness Day (Agility work)

      20     F          Fun Day !

      23 - 27          Happy Thanksgiving !

      30     M         Badmitton Game Day  

Dec. 2     W         Fitness Day (Mile Run) ( Journal #3 Due )

       4      F         Dodgeball Game Day

       7      M        Extreme Capture the flag

       9      W       Fitness day (Mile Run)

      11     F        Team Handball

      14     M        Danish Longball

      16     W        Dodgeball

      18     F         Free Day! ( Webquest Due Today )

      21    M         Free Day!

 Assignments: This Class includes three separate journals that are due on the 2nd of Dec, Nov, and Oct. I will expect at least three paragraphs typed or written that show different methods of how the student can apply the skills he/she had been working on into everyday life in order to live a healthier life. I am not looking for anything profound, I just think the brain should be worked as well as the body : )

I Also Ask that this WebQuest Be completed By Dec 18th. It is another fun way for students to monitor what they eat and create a small workout program for themselves (the link to the webquest is directly above this)